We specialise in drawing caricatures for corporate and business use. Repeat customers include Coca Cola, ITV and everyone's favourite the HM Revenue, among may more.

A3 Full Body Colour for Barclays

A3 Full Body Colour

A Colour Caricture for Coca-Cola


A3 Full Body Colour for the Canadian High Commission

A3 Full Body Colour for ITV
Whether you want them to be serious or fun, for website use or as a gift. We can draw them to your desired specification.

A4 Full Body Colour

A3 Colour Full Body
Discounts are available for group caricatures, e-mail us for a quote. We can fit up to 8 people onto A4, if you require more than this opt for an A3 or larger.

A2 Black and White Head and Shoulders

A3 Full Body Colour
Including your business logos within the picture is no problem, as you can see on these examples.

A3 Colour for GKN.

A3 Colour with background, extras and caption.
Why not insert a bit of fun into the office by ordering 12 caricatures so you can make a calendar. We can provide the drawings, but not the actual calendar.
A bulk discount would be included, just email us for a quote.

Ideally orders will need to be received by the start of November. Please note that Christmas is our busiest time of year, so the earlier you order the better.

Snow White


Star Wars
This company wanted a film theme with all the work colleagues drawn in their favourite movies. Different months included Chicago, Indiana Jones, James Bond and my personal favourite to draw The Full Monty!

We can call you, just email us


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