The prices for basic individual caricatures are below. If more than one person, vehicles, pets, wording or a detailed background is to be included there would be an additional charge for each. But simply email us for a quick quote.


Black and White Caricature

Watercolour Caricature

A4 Head & Shoulders: £60.00 A4 Head & Shoulders: £65.00
A4 Full Body: £75.00 A4 Full Body: £80.00
A3 Head & Shoulders: £85.00 A3 Head & Shoulders: £95.00
A3 Full Body: £110.00 A3 Full Body: £120.00

Standard UK postage is included. If you would prefer special delivery this would be an additional £10.00. Email us for prices outside the UK.


A4 Watercolour Head and Shoulders plus a dog
Head and Shoulders options are basic drawings (left), with limited details. Subjects in cars (right) or behind desks are counted as Full Body.

For bulk orders or caricatures with a large number of people email us for discounts.

A3 Watercolour Full Body plus a car.

We work to the date that you give us, if not it usually take 2-3 weeks. We can get them back to you within a week though, if requested.

When ordering a caricature remember the drawing can only be as good as the photograph that you send. Please try and provide a good smiley photo, a selection is always best.

Colour with a detailed background and caption

Black and White Head and Shoulders


We do not provide rough drafts of your caricature to check, due to the quick process and our low costs. We can assure you that in our 15 years of business we have had hardly any complaints.

Refunds are not available. Adjustments can be made, but not to the original and the decision rests with the artist whether there may be a charge.


We can call you, just email us

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